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Alaminos Caves

Alaminos Caves

Marvel at some extraordinary caves at the islands of Alaminos, Pangasinan which many scientists believed echo the underlying evolutionary processes that until these times create a dazzling and mesmering aura of a breathing earth. Today, up to ten caves have been identified and some were named based on some myths, legends and the stone formation. Alama, Nalsoc , Simmimbahan , Milagrosa , Cuenco , Cathedral , Century , Quirino , and Virgin Cave are just some of the named caves often visited by tourists. Most of the caves are intact consisting of stalactites, columns and draperies. They are rich in guano since it is home of to a large number of bats. Some caves resemble a subway or tunnel and considered intact with its unique stone hydrological formations while some of the other caves’ floors are composed of white sand which makes potential for recreation. They also consist intact limestone formations. Activities recommended in the area are swimming and picnicking.



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