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Amburayan River

Amburayan River

Amburayan River which serves as natural boundary of Ilocos Sur and La Union holds a great significance to the indigenous people of Ilocos and Benguet. The river's head is found in the lower parts of Kibungan, Benguet and runs across the valleys of Sugpon, Ilocos Sur reaching the South China Sea marking its boundary to its neighbor province La Union. It provides living for the people and plays an important role to the land's agriculture but can be very destructive after a heavy rainfall. The river can almost run dry in summer but it cradles a sight to behold in the rainy season.

Historical accounts point the Amburayan River as the escape route of the legendary Chinese warrior-trader Limahong when Spanish troops pursued him. In the epic of Pedro Bucaneg, "Biag ni Lam-ang", the river was mentioned as where Lam-ang took a bath after a siege in the mountains of Igorots avenging his father's death making the river’s water poisoned by the dirt from his body killing every living creature in the river. A part of this river is a big rock which is believed by the locals to be one of the footprints of Ilocano mythical character Angalo scattered to several towns up north. The huge stone is shaped like a footprint. The toes of the giant are also believed to be marked at the stone. Parts of the river are suitable for picnics and other social and cultural activities, its clear waters and fresh environment seem to invite the travelers a relaxing dip.


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