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Balay Anito Falls

Balay Anito Falls

Trekking and swimming adventures await you at the Balay Anito Falls in La Union. The pristine basin where the crystal clear waters cascade is surrounded by a lush rainforest you thought you can only see in exotic vacation literature. But a refreshing dip in this beautiful, invigorating pool comes with an exciting challenge: the steep rocky terrain you have to traverse where the only available support is the exposed and scattered tree roots. Talk about a well-deserved swim after a thrilling descent towards the mesmerizing waters below.

In fact, the waterfalls are so fascinating that locals believe it to be the home of mystical beings, hence the name Balay (meaning “house”) Anito (which means “spirits”). Everyone who includes this mysterious destination in his itinerary will surely be in for a spellbinding and unforgettable adventure.

Balay Anito Falls or the 'house of unseen friends or anitos' has a 20-meter deep base. Too deep for a everybody to dip but is fun for swimmers. A few steps down is a smaller version, a shallower one. The rocks around it were a bit slippery though.


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