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Bolinao Falls

Bolinao Falls

Bolinao Falls is a series of falls located at the northern part of Bolinao, 15-20 minutes away from town's center of which half would be traveled on foot. Most falls can be found on mountainous areas where waters are expected to cascade down into streams and rivers; Bolinao’s terrain is basically flat and are generally composed of farmlands, but somewhere in the outback of this coastal town, behind the hills, rugged roads and lush vegetation, a waterfall awaits off-the-beaten track travelers.

Bolinao Falls is divided into two, Bolinao 1 and Bolinao 2. These two waterfalls are only 10 minutes apart. Bolinao 2 possesses a photographic look and an adventurous appeal with its height and dangerous façade. The blue green water of the falls’ basin presents a very nice opportunity to bathe in a natural fresh water pool. The water is shallow around the perimeter but gets deeper as you start to wander towards its center. The 20-foot falls of Bolinao 2 is ideal for a jump, worth the thrill of adventure-seeking tourists.

Leveling to the beauty of its sister town, Alaminos, that has the well-known Hundred Islands, Bolinao shouldn't be missed for its virgin sites that will definitely add excitement and wowing moments to your trip in Pangasinan.


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