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Bolinao Museum

Bolinao Museum

Located at Rizal Street across the Cape Bolinao High School in Bolinao, Pangasinan, the Bolinao Branch Museum was initially an archaeological museum established following an archaeological excavation that yielded finds of cultural value. Through the support and assistance of the local government which donated the lot for the construction of the building on the 27th of August 1986, the archaeological museum was developed into a showcase of multi-disciplinary exhibits featuring natural history objects and ethnographic materials aside from the archaeological materials collected from towns of Pangasinan. The Bolinao branch museum formally opened to the public in 1970 following an excavation by the National Museum that yielded finds of cultural value.

Highlights of the museum are: the Bugtungan which is a manual wooden mechanism that is used to make maguey twines into ropes, Giant Clams which are one of the largest clams in the world that is located here in the Philippines, and a Fossilized Billfish that was discovered buried beneath the volcanic ash in Bolinao, it is a black marlin dated some two to ten million years. It is also the first fossilized billfish found in Asia and the first existing and living species of billfish that was positively identified in the fossil records.



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