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Deo Mar Hometel Farm Cafe

Deo Mar Hometel Farm Cafe

Deomar Hometel is an affordable and relaxing retreat situated in a quaint town just 5 minutes away from the historic city of Vigan. Description Deomar Hometel is located in a quaint farm area where peace and serenity surrounds you and relaxation is nothing but a requirement. Despite being near a historic district, Deomar Hometel offers all the comforts of modern living such as hot showers and high standards of cleanliness, which you should not expect any less. Designed with Filipino elements, our rooms are sure to tickle everyone's fancy. With furniture and fixtures of wood and classic Filipino materials, it gives of a 'probinsiyano' feel in an otherwise modern structure. For the ultimate 'probinsiyano' experience, try our unique Casitas, which are known as 'agamang' in Ilocano, a structure used as a Offering a small number of rooms, having peace of mind and a restful sleep would not be a problem. A perfect getaway for the weary traveller. Surrounded by lush green and rock landscaping, Deomar Hometel is sure to entice anyone looking for a getaway from the hustle and bustle of big city living. Situated just 5 minutes away from world-renowned tourist destination Vigan City, you are never too far away from this gorgeous artifact of history, known as the best preserved Spanish Colonial town in the Philippines. Spots such as the Bantay Bell Tower, Calle Crisologo, Baluarte Park and Syquia Mansion are just a stone's throw away.


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