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Kingfisher Sand Sea Surf Resort

Kingfisher Sand Sea Surf Resort

Kingfisher Resort caters to a variety of people. Our native huts are perfect for those who like to rough it up and be right on the beach. Creatures of comfort can also find their niche here with our fully-equipped Casitas and Cabanas. Kingfisher is located in a very remote area. The nearest ATM/Commercial bank is 2 hours away. Because of the distance from urban areas, cellular phone signal is only available in selected areas of the resort and Internet connection is available but slow. We don’t have fancy facilities but we are the only resort in the entire province with a kite and windsurf center. To protect our guests’ privacy, we normally don’t cater to or accept walk-ins and day trippers unless previously arranged. This also prevents the spot from getting over-crowded. What makes Kingfisher special or different from the other kite or windsurf spots is that we’re a one stop shop. Visitors can rent out or buy Cabrinha kite equipments and Neil Pryde windsurfing equipment. Beginners are also welcome to learn how to kite or windsurf. Our spot gets mostly side-shore winds and waves as big as 7 meters break on the reef that is 200 - 250 meters away from the shore. Consequently, our spot has flat water, strong winds and big waves. Non-wave riders can stay inside the lagoon and adventurous types can play with the waves. Our kite and windsurf center, as well as some of our accommodations, are located on the beach. Barbeques and meals on the beach are not uncommon during no-wind or light wind days. The manager of our center is Fabrice Beaux, a professional international windsurfer sponsored by Neil Pryde and RRD. We’ve had the privilege of being visited by pro-riders like Susi Mai, Alberto Rondina, Reo Stevens, Keahi De Aboitiz, Andre Philip, David Hastilow, and Pete Cabrinha himself. Other pro-riders from North, Naish and other brands have graced us with their presence as well.



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