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La Union Beaches

La Union Beaches

La Union's favored beaches include Bauang Beach, the San Fernando beach area of San Francisco-Canaoay-Pagudpud, and San Juan Beach.

The beach of Bauang and San Fernando, La Union, Philippines offers a variety of small, smallest and larger resorts meeting all needs depending on your priorities. The clean beach with brown sand from San Fernando, La Union to Bauang expands about 10 km long and invites to extensive beach walks in day time or during the many magnificent sunset sceneries. Various Beach Resorts or cottages available along the beach are suitable for a stay from a few weeks to several months.

San Juan has dozens of surfing areas waiting to be explored. For starters, try Barangay Urbiztondo. This is the entry point to the surf spots of the Ilocos region.  Beginners love this area known for its peeling waves and short rides. 

Bauang has developed into the most popular beach in Northern Luzon. The resorts mentioned here are only a few of what Bauang offers. Nearly all of them are situated on the long, grey beach between Baccuit and Paringao, north of Bauang proper.


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