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Limahong Channel

Limahong Channel

Corsair Limahong, Lim Hong, or Lin Feng was a notorious Chinese pirate and warlord who invaded the northern Philippine Islands in 1574. He built up a reputation for his constant raids to ports in Guangdong, Fujian, and Southern China. He was noted to have twice attempted, and failed, to overthrow the Spanish city of Manila in 1574. Pursued by the Spanish colonizers, he dug a channel in Domalandan, Lingayen that served as his escape way towards the China Sea.

The pirate Limahong began the construction of thirty vessels within his fort near the mouth of the Agno River, where all his soldiers were good workmen. The project was completed on August 4, 1575.

At noon of the same day, he set sail for his country after having been besieged within the fortification for over four months. This development took the Spaniards by surprise. They were astonished to see Limahong sailing out of the fort through a channel which was unknown to them. It was believed among the natives of the locality that Limahong constructed this channel with the utmost secrecy without either the land or sea force hearing it.



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