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Lingayen Gulf War Museum

Lingayen Gulf War Museum

The Lingayen Gulf can be found in between the borders of Pangasinan and La Union. This gulf harbors most of Pangasinan’s top tourist destinations varying from islands, beaches and rainforest parks including the Hundred Islands and Lingayen Gulf War Memorial. The Lingayen Gulf is a historical place and is a silent witness to a war that occurred during World War II between the Japanese and Americans. The gulf was invaded by Japanese and held power over it for three years. In 1945, American troops attacked the Japanese and defeated them consequently. Many ships sunk as a result of the war.

One can also visit the Lingayen Gulf War Museum, an outdoor museum that houses relics from WWII, found here are tanks, guns and a Japanese torpedo bomber. Another treat for tourists is the chance to dive and snorkel to see the sunken ships along the gulf. To commemorate the war, a stone marker is erected to honor the soldiers who died during the war in Provincial Capitol Compound plus photos of the Lingayen Landing in 1945 are placed in the area.



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