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Pagudpud Beach

Pagudpud Beach

Its white-sand lined with coconut trees and crystal-blue waters tagged Pagudpud Beaches as “Boracay of the North”. It is said to have the longest contiguous white sand with mighty waves and strong winds in the Philippines, making it another haven for surfers. Located at the northernmost tip of the Luzon island, Pagudpud is a sleepy coastal town. But Pagudpud is not only about the beaches, this coastal town also greets its visitors with its beautiful sceneries and serene atmosphere, the place also invites you to stop in Patapat Viaduct with blue skies and sea waters as backdraft, trek to majestic Kaibigan Falls, swim in pristine Blue Lagoon, surf the waves, watch the sunset, be amazed with the Wind Mills of Bangui, and experience the hospitality of the people. Touring around the place with a trike and a 1km long ride in an open water zip line sounds great for adventure-seekers and all these stuff can be experienced in the place.

Getting there takes you 10 to 12 hour land trip from Manila to Ilocos Norte and a 45-minute flight from Manila to Laoag City, Ilocos Norte. Traffic jam is not burden for travelers. Truly, Pagudpud promises everyone an unforgettable experience in this secluded paradise.


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