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Pannzian Beach and Mountain Resort

Pannzian Beach and Mountain Resort

Pannzian Beach is steeped in history, starting from the time the Spanish arrived in the up to today’s modern world. A lot has changed and, at the same time, a lot hasn’t. The area surrounding Pannzian Beach has been family owned for more or less two centuries. Passed down since the Spanish era, it eventually became a private getaway and slowly evolved into a business. Having been family owned for so long, one can expect a different kind of service. We don’t have resort managers, we have hosts and guides (including some of the family dogs) who make you feel at home while you’re visiting the northern tip of the country. In short, we treat you like family. Though the history of our place is not written, it is at least suggested. Much of our surroundings haven’t changed, save for some road renovations and power lines. Other than that, the location still remains the same since the 1800?s. It’s a place we call home and we want you to be a part of it.



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