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Pinsal Falls

Pinsal Falls

Considered to be the largest and grandest falls in Ilocos Region with a height of approximately 85 feet, Pinsal Falls has gained high level of popularity in this part of Ilocandia. Ceaseless drops of water pour down to two natural catch basins. It is a twin waterfall; this natural wonder is like a fancy white curtain that spreads immensely - horizontally and vertically. Above this waterfall are numerous natural pools that will surely invite everyone to plunge and get wet. The biggest of these pools figures in a local legend as it is said to be the footprint that was left by an mythical Ilocano giant who was running off in search of his wife. Visitors may swim in the clear waters. A hidden cave may be found behind the main waterfall. There is also a famous spring with boiling-hot water at the top of the falls.

With its romantic atmosphere, Pinsal Falls is a popular location for filming Philippine movies. Its cool setting makes it a pleasant spot for a picnic. A number of other interesting natural features of the area may be seen along the way. Salty water drips down from a point in the southern hillside on the steps going up to the pools. Also located along this stairway is a protruding stone that is said to resemble a man’s sexual organ. It offers a grand show, exuberantly plentiful as always. During summer, the dropping water is reduced but it will be everyone's chance to explore the numerous deep natural pools above this waterfall without worrying of getting drifted by the plentiful spring rushing down the gorge during rainy days.


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