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Plaza Salcedo

Plaza Salcedo

Right in front of Saint Paul Metropolitan Cathedral is the Plaza Salcedo, named after the Spanish conqueror, Juan de Salcedo who subdued the early native settlement in Vigan and established upon it Villa Fernandina for the monarchs of Spain in 1572. With this, Juan de Salcedo founded the third of many Hispanic settlements in the Philippines. Plaza Salcedo was the site of the execution of Gabriela Silang in September of 1763. The first woman leader of the Philippine revolution was publicly hanged there to serve as a warning to the restive populace.

In the plaza, visitors will find the Salcedo Obelisk which was placed in the elevated plaza during the 17th century as the plaza’s centerpiece. It is literally the focal point of the city’s Spanish urban design. 

Visiting the city requires a slow pace to enjoy the ambiance and its rich culture. In the long run, Vigan is not an extreme adventure destination; no need to climb a mountain or trek. Vigan's concept is to relax, travel slow and immerse yourself to her culture and heritage. History tells that this plaza was susceptible to fire during the Spanish regime. So the plan then was to create a man-made lagoon to minimize fire incidents. The original concept dating back several years ago is retained until March 2013 wherein a dramatic addition has been added to the once quiet and laid back park in between the Vigan Cathedral and the Ilocos Sur Capitol. The addition is a majestic dancing fountain.


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