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Sinking Bell Tower

Sinking Bell Tower

The sinking bell tower is one of Laoag City’s most famous landmarks in fact one of the top Ilocos Norte tourist attractions. The structure is claimed to be the most solid and tallest bell tower in the Philippines. This sinking bell tower is presently standing at a height of 45 meters and believed to be sinking for about 1 inch annually. The Augustinians built this presently sinking tower on a foundation of sand in 1612 and the sinking phenomenon has started ever since according to historians and experts. The quality of the foundation, being sandy reflects to the physical location of the tower which is near a river, so considerably, the tower was built at the banks (or near the banks) of the river itself.

Located almost a hundred meters away from the St. William's Cathedral, the tower has sunk to the ground and leans slightly to the north. The tower stands beautifully and the exposed bricks of the tower tell its oldness. These unique qualities make this tower stand out from any other belfry in the world! 


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