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Sitio Remedios

Sitio Remedios

Sitio Remedios is a private village resort situated in an 18,000 square meter of land in Brgy. Victoria, Currimao, Ilocos Norte, facing the West Philippine Sea. It is a re-created Ilocano village typical of the mid-fifties, and stands as a reminder of a more genteel era. The houses and other buildings are made of vintage bricks and wood salvaged from mid-century structures mostly from the towns of Ilocos Norte. The lay-out is in a grid typical of Spanish times, the quadricula, respectful of spaces and ancient trees, amid which the structures are built. The houses were constructed by workers coming from the towns where the houses were sourced, guided by architect Rex Hofileña, who without any detailed architectural plans, coached them to surface their innate artistry and skill to build remembrances of their Ilocano past. The Sitio is dedicated to the patron saint of Currimao, St. Michael, the Archangel, and to the Lady of Good Voyage, o Nuestra Señora de los Remedios, the namesake of the mother of the owner, Dr. Joven R. Cuanang. The houses are furnished with vintage Ilocano furniture – beds, dining tables, wooden sala sets, and the ubiquitous butaca plantation chairs with elongated armrests. Vintage lamp fixtures and authentic crocheted bedspreads and tablecloth were also sourced for the interiors, along with inabel sheets, pillowcases, and towels to complete the traditional and Ilocano feel. By choice, there are no television sets in the houses. However, cold and hot showers, as well as air-conditioning units are installed at all the bedrooms for those who cannot go without these modern comforts. A swimming pool and Jacuzzi are set in front of the beach, a perfect place to watch the fiery Currimao sunsets. Meals are authentic Ilocano cuisine derived from old Ilocano recipes. Vegetable and poultry from small farms are sourced daily from local markets; fish and seaweeds are from the daily catch of fishermen using traditional fishing methods and meat preparations like bagnet, longganiza, and other delicacies are fresh from grandmother’s kitchens. The spiritual center is the Capilla San Miguel, where one can spend time in quiet meditation. Arriving guests enter an Arco, a replica of the brick entrance to the patio of the Badoc Church. It leads to the 70-meter long Avenida de Azucao. Guests rest in an ancient bridge made from antique bricks. The walkway is paved by Pasuquin stones, and flanked by reflecting pools and fountains planted to “azucao”- lotus plants once in great abundance in the Paoay Lake. Large cacti of different varieties sourced from the edge of the Sand dunes. Maguey, kalanuchi, katuray, capas-sanglay, cadena de amor and other local plants line both sides of the avenida. The fourteen Stations of the Cross are on cement plinths in the shape of lotus flowers. Sitio Remedios is a destination for family reunions, corporate planning conferences, bonding, as well as for couples and family with their friends wanting a space and time for re-charging energies both physically and spiritually.


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