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Southern Palms

Southern Palms

Way back 1960's our father has bought this property for his dream of making it one of the best resorts in Bauang La Union. His visions now became true. This resort was named Blue Heaven before. We are using it as a family get away. Until one day, Mr Jeff Duncan, an Australian national has discovered it as his get away place. After the Pinatubo eruption, Mr Duncan has offered my family to develop this property and make it an Australian Standard resort. Without hesitations, we agreed. It is one of the best resort and well known here in Bauang, thanks for the aussie guys!!! BUT...sad to say, the aussies has to go back home, after running it for more than 15 years, they have no choice but to let go of it. Jeff and other investors has grown a family of their own and they wanted their kids to grow and study in Australia. Jeff helped us by finding another party to rent it, under a British management this time. We are not particularly sure of the details why he had to let go. All we knew was that it was not managed as well as the Aussies run it, because, the British party has too much business ventures in Angeles Pampangga. After we were turned over of the operation by the British party, we then found a group of Pilots who want to make this place as a flying school. Unfortunately for them, it didn't work. Cutting it short, after these few predicaments, OUR FAMILY decided to manage it. WE owe Southern Palms a lot for the impact this resort had given to the market. It is well known as Southern Palms, for which reason, we wanted to keep the original SOUTHERN PALMS name.


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