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St. Joseph the Patriarch Parish

St. Joseph the Patriarch Parish

Among other edifices constructed by Recollects is the majestic cathedral dedicated to Saint Joseph. Father Manuel Bosquete who was at the helm of the San Jose de Casborran mission from 1838-1849 started the construction of the divine temple. His successor Father Jose Tornos, who was proficient in Pangasinense, inaugurated it in 1857. This Recollect minister who took over the parochial administration in 1849 remained in Alaminos for almost thirty years and endowed the church with the best ornaments. Father Tornos died in 1878 and was buried in the future cathedral. At the church pavement one can view his tombstone in Spanish.

Father Patricio Marcellan writes in 1879: "The present church and parochial house are made of brick manufactured in the same town. The first oven for brick-making making was built under the supervision of Father Manuel Bosquete, the first Recollect parish priest of this town, and the edifices are the tallest and most spacious in the province, which draws naturally any visitor's attention." The church still attracts attention up to this day, already as a cathedral since it’s the erection of Alaminos Diocese in 1985. Alaminos is not a big city in terms of population, with about 75,000 inhabitants only. But the faithful can do boast of the structure of their cathedral-spacious, majestic and well-proportioned- and equally stable belfry made of bricks.



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