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Tili ti Nuang Falls

Tili ti Nuang Falls

The falls is actually located at a river that serves as a boundary between the two La Union Municipalities of Bagulin and San Gabriel. A hanging bridge is being constructed just on top of the Tili Ti Nuang Falls connecting the barangay of Bagulin to the barangay of San Gabriel. The cascades are not that high but its pool areas are deep. It is an array of different cascades. Some cascades can also be seen at a distant upstream.

Tili Ti Nuang Falls is translated as "Anus of a Carabao Falls" (Carabao is a water buffalo).
It is so called because at the side of the main cascade, water had forced its way through its bedrock creating a hole resembling an anus of a carabao. Specially during summer, water only comes out from the said hole.


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